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Meaningful, individualized resolutions through mediation, arbitration & facilitation


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In any workplace conflict Dale takes the time to listen to all sides and to identify legal issues and practical solutions that best suit everyone's needs. 

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About dale:

Dale Hewat

Dale Hewat is a labour arbitrator and employment law mediator and an arbitrator at the Grievance Settlement Board. Since 2008, she has also worked as a Part-time Member of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario gaining extensive experience adjudicating and mediating employment related human rights applications. Dale has handled disputes involving represented and unrepresented parties from both the private sector and public-sector provincial and municipal workplaces. Dale has also served as a Vice-Chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Between 1990-1995, Dale was employed as General Counsel for Humber College advising on labour relations matters and representing the College at arbitration hearings. Prior to Humber College, Dale worked as a lawyer in private practice specializing in employment and labour law. 

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