Dale Hewat Workplace Solutions

individualized Services

Committed to reaching cost effective, timely and practical results for all people involved in a workplace dispute 


What dale does:

Dale will work with you to help change workplace conflict into successful individualized resolutions through mediation and facilitation. Dale is committed to run hearings efficiently and to provide timely, practical and straightforward arbitration decisions.

By helping solve workplace disputes, unions, employers and employees can refocus and move forward strategically and positively.

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Areas of Practice:


Dale will use her skills as an experienced labour, employment and human rights mediator to listen, clarify issues and roadblocks and help the parties find practical outcomes. 


Dale will work with the parties to identify key issues, efficiently explore mediation/arbitration options with all stakeholders and ensure that hearings and decisions are timely, practical and easy to understand.

Workplace Facilitation

Whether you need help implementing actions or recommendations as a result of a workplace investigation or need a neutral facilitator to help people get along, Dale will use a collaborative and proactive  approach to resolve issues.